FLX Terroir 3 Bottle Pack

For Facebook Live June 5th!

One of the things that makes the Finger Lakes region so unique is its many and varied terroirs.  Terroir is the concept of place – and more specifically, the concept of a unique place.  Thanks to the passage of the glaciers, which deposited an incredible variation of soil, stone and sediment as they passed through the region thousands of years ago, the Finger Lakes is home to some  interesting and different terroirs – something we’ve embraced as we have learned about the nature of each of our Vineyard sites, and even the variations within each site.  This package of wine is an introduction to those unique terroirs.

We also created this package so that you could join us on our Live Facebook & Instagram event on Friday, June 5th at 4pm EST, where we will be discussing the topic of FLX Terroir, our vineyard sites, and the wines that come from them!

Includes: 2016 Riesling HJW Bio, 2014 Cuvee Brut, 2017 & 2018 Cabernet Franc Magdalena Vineyard

A total Value of $120 – includes Kabinett discount

Add 3-9 more bottles for $1 shipping!

Add 9 more bottles for a 15% case discount on the additional bottles!

*The FLX Terrior 3 Bottle packs are not eligible for any further discount


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