“Exploring Dryness” 6 Pack

More wine for Jan. 29th Live!

We have selected 6 wines that will display the fascinating interplay between sweetness and fruit, and aciditidy and texture. Join us as we chat about how these factors come together and if you want to cut out two days early from your “Dry January” we promise we won’t tell!

Live Facebook & Instagram – Friday, January 29th at 5:30pm EST

Includes: The Prerelease of the 2019 Riesling Reserve Dry, the Prerelease of the 2019 Riesling Semi Dry, the limited production 2018 Gewurztraminer Magdalena Vineayrd, 2019 Riesling Dry, 2019 Standing Stone Timeline Riesling and the NV Field White

A total Value of $143 – The wines in this package have been discounted with the Kabinett Discount!

This package is eligible for $10 shipping!

Add 6 more bottles for a 15% case discount on the additional bottles!

*The Exploring Dryness 6 packs are not eligible for any further discount

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